Why it’s hard to believe that people can be born gay (using reason)

No science stuff…no hate speech. Just simple reasoning to explain why it’s so hard to believe this claim… Let me begin with something that was said to a people called the Corinthians a while ago concerning issues with their lifestyle; Don’t you know that those who do wrong will have no share in the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, who are idol worshipers, adulterers, male prostitutes, homosexuals, thieves, greedy people, drunkards, abusers, and swindlers – none of these will have a share in the Kingdom of God. There was a time when some … Continue reading Why it’s hard to believe that people can be born gay (using reason)

What makes the God of Christianity the right God…5 Reasons!

  He created the heavens, the earth, and all that is in them. Other gods may claim the titles; ‘the sun god’, ‘the moon god’, ‘god of thunder’, ‘god of rain’, ‘god of the ocean’, and so forth, but the creator God created all of these elements and much more. This is enough to make him greater and more powerful amongst all the others. And this brings out three things; First is that he is the one God we point to regarding all the created elements of the world as he is the one who authored each of them. And as the … Continue reading What makes the God of Christianity the right God…5 Reasons!

What makes Jesus the Christ special

If you’re familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, I believe you’d also know that it’s because of their disobedience that sin entered the world. As a result of this, we are all born in sin. We fall short of God’s glory. There is the option of good, and bad. And yet many a time, we opt for what’s bad. We choose what’s wrong. We lie instead of tell the truth, we have people raping and taking advantage of young girls because of their sexual greed and selfishness. Sin lingers on with every generation. From parent to child and … Continue reading What makes Jesus the Christ special

Choose a good reputation over great riches

We start businesses and projects to satisfy needs in our communities, and in turn, earn a living and build a name for ourselves. Sadly, some of us get so greedy and caught up with earning money faster through quick and shoddy schemes that we choose to compromise on the quality of our product or service. This compromise may seem minute in the eyes of the beholder at that time, however, it reaps damaging results down the road to the image of both the person and the community at large.  These seemingly small acts of one individual alone always reflect greatly … Continue reading Choose a good reputation over great riches

The majesty of creation

The beauty of nature and all that is in it… The captivation of the high mountains, the horizons, and the atmosphere… The detail in the anatomy of all that lives and breathes… The grace of the ocean waters, and harmony of the fishes and butterflies… The inventions of man and the beauty of woman… The abstracts and power of music, love, and thought… The strength of the ant, and supernatural powers of the oceanic life… The morality of mankind; it’s greed, hatred, and perverted ways… The glory of space, the planets, the galaxies and stars… The complexity of life and … Continue reading The majesty of creation

To love genuinely

This is what basically happens in a relationship: A guy tells this girl that he loves her… She then accepts him because she likewise also loves him… Years down the road, the couple is having a great relationship, as it should be ofcourse, why… The guy who told the girl that he loves her, genuinely loves her just as he claimed… He buys her treats once in a while…he remembers their anniversaries always…he takes her to nice places for special dinners…he’s great with her parents and close friends…he tells her sweet things every now and then…he treats her special and … Continue reading To love genuinely

Your Move | Better Decisions. Fewer Regrets.

Your Move is a show hosted by Andy Stanley to help you make better decisions – decisions in life that will lead to fewer regrets.   It’s a genuinely educational and eye-opening show. It appeals to kids, teens, adults; whether one’s in school or not, religious or not…whatever the background. The ideas he shares can surely move one to reflect / rethink / revisit their perceptions and approaches in their life, their choices, and their time.   An mp3 version of an episode (The Story of Your Life) in one of his series. It’s worth checking out;   Here’s a link … Continue reading Your Move | Better Decisions. Fewer Regrets.

Your choices as a Christian

You could opt to go to church just on the events and celebrations, on Christmas and Easter OR…You could go to church because you’d like give thanks and glorify God, and need to be renewed in your spirit and be equipped with his word. You could flip out your Bible just so you can follow when your pastor’s giving the Bible reading on Sunday, and then keep it stacked in its usual place till next Sunday, OR…You could as well read it on a consistent basis so as to have your mind renewed, to understand God, to know truth, to … Continue reading Your choices as a Christian

Be pure

We really ought to put a great deal of value in ourselves and the people around us. I’m referring to our sexuality…our purity…our virginity…our innocence, because the decisions that we make concerning our bodies and our lifestyles, will eventually if not there and then, affect us, the people dear to us, and our relationships with them. Talk about our image, the honour of our family, and so on. We may be all caught up with sleeping around because we are seeing it as something casual, just a way of having fun, or probably a one-time thing. But weirdly enough, we … Continue reading Be pure