When it comes down to defending your faith

A Christian will have to explain their faith in God to a non-believer at some point in their life. I know that there may be some whom if asked why they are Christian, would reply that that is how they have always been in their family. And I just find that really pitiful and sad – to not have a personal reason for your faith. Belief in God is personal and is much more than just going to church every Sunday and saying that you’re a Christian. One should always be prepared to give a reason for their faith. (1 Peter 3:15-16).

Otherwise then, when in an argument with a non-believer, a Christian should bear it in mind that this person doesn’t believe in things such as;

  • The divinity of a person called Jesus Christ (so, they most likely won’t understand the concepts of being Born-again or why they have to accept him)
  • Miracles, heaven or hell (hence they won’t believe in a final judgement of their actions, or an afterlife)
  • A God who claims to be good and yet allows suffering in the world (meaning he isn’t who he claims to be, so he isn’t all powerful as he claims)

…and a handful of other arguments.

So as it stands, it would be a vain attempt to try to explain to them these concepts and yet they mean NOTHING to the non-believer. In fact, these explanations may most likely be met with insults and harsh contempt. Personally, I believe the most effective way to get through to a non-believer is for the Christian to begin their whole argument by explaining to them the whole concept of God, i.e. the God of the Bible. Why do I think so? Because I believe that when they’ve clearly brought out the true nature of the God they know and worship (God the Trinity, God the Creator, the Lord God, the Loving God…), it’ll be easy to explain miracles, the spiritual world…it’ll be easy to explain God’s claims, the kind of love he offers…it’ll be easy to explain the existence of evil and sin…and it will be easy to explain who Jesus Christ is and why he is central to Christianity. Though the Christian has to know that this may involve delving into some mini debates concerning the beginning of the world, the origin of life, and validity of the Bible among other things. But I believe that once they can get the non-believer to acknowledge the possible existence of God, it’ll be much simpler to explain a lot things from that point on. Not simple in the sense that they’ll get them converted, saved, and singing hosanna at that moment, but in the sense that they would at least understand the rationale for their belief. And the rest is for another day.

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