An ideal and intriguing relationship

It can be an exhilarating experience when you find that amazing someone you could share your life with. To have fun and awesome times filled with laughter, and long and quiet intimate moments filled with goosebumps. This can all happen for all of us, and, it can happen in that entire journey of intimacy. But only if we don’t take the intrigue out of the relationship.

Close relationship
As the times go by, it’s becoming more apparent that we are getting into relationships all too quickly. And more than that, it seems that we are getting into sex prematurely. We’re having cases of divorce as if it’s something normal. And with our practice of sexting, we really aren’t doing ourselves any favours.
There are those who are looking for sex, and therefore enter into relationships. And when a pair starts off their relationship sexually, it really leaves almost no room for them to get to know each other and build up a life. They would have skipped the really beneficial process of building a relationship, and jumped straight for the mere physical (carnal) experience. It would be very difficult for them to continue to get to know each other because, well, the relationship was engaged into for sexual reasons. And when matters such as money, beauty, flaws, habits, religious faith and the like come into play and “become too much” for the other individual, they’ll always have the option of walking out. Why not? They weren’t looking to build a relationship. They made no lifelong commitment to the partner. So why wouldn’t they leave the inconvenience?
My advice. Be in a relationship which involves you two getting to know each other; get to know what your partner’s like, what do they enjoy doing, what is their work about, what are their hobbies, what makes them act weird and funny, where do they like hanging out from, what is their favorite movie/song/food, what were their childhood experiences and memories, who’s their inspiration, what are their dreams…get to REALLY know each other. Such that when you finally decide to marry them, you are not disappointed in your decision, and in who they REALLY are. You will enter into a happy and contented commitment where you and your partner can both continue to experience what each other’s about with complete freedom and openness, and as well get to enjoy the passionate moments that consolidate your relationship.

Don’t just get into a relationship, build a relationship. And you’ll find a beautiful thing called love. Sex doesn’t build love, rather it is through love that we get to enjoy the pleasures that come along with it.

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