Be pure

pure and innocent

We really ought to put a great deal of value in ourselves and the people around us.

I’m referring to our sexuality…our purity…our virginity…our innocence, because the decisions that we make concerning our bodies and our lifestyles, will eventually if not there and then, affect us, the people dear to us, and our relationships with them. Talk about our image, the honour of our family, and so on.

We may be all caught up with sleeping around because we are seeing it as something casual, just a way of having fun, or probably a one-time thing. But weirdly enough, we all have it in mind that at some point in our lives, we would like to finally settle down with someone. And preferably, someone whom has been pure all their life, someone who’s a virgin, someone who’s not so loose, someone who doesn’t have HIV or some other scary disease. But how can that be, if we are all busy having a good time sleeping with everyone we meet?! And then we turn around and talk about how it’s impossible/how impossible it is to find someone who’s beautiful, pure and virtuous (Oh, the irony). We’re inflicting the hurt on ourselves, and it’s like we can’t even see it.

Let me share something with you;

About a year or so ago, I recently discovered through the news that it was apparently possible for doctors to surgically ‘restore’ the virginity of girls who had lost it. I put that in quotes because I believe that they are NOT actually restoring their virginity, but rather just the mere biological tissue in them. Personally, I would describe virginity as the purity of someone…to be untouched…to be set apart for the yet-to-be coming suitor (applies to guys as well). Otherwise, I think that this procedure would only enable these girls to lie to their future husbands that they were actually virgins.

If it really isn’t such a big deal, then why not be upfront about themselves to their spouses-to-be (I mean, if they really loved them). Yes, I understand that there are cases where the tissue may rapture due to an incident, or the girl may have been a victim of sexual assault. But I still don’t think this approach is the right answer, it would only breed something else other than truth and honour in a relationship and a family.

An article on the subject: Women Have Surgery to ‘Restore’ Virginity

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