Your choices as a Christian

  • You could opt to go to church just on the events and celebrations, on Christmas and Easter OR…You could go to church because you’d like give thanks and glorify God, and need to be renewed in your spirit and be equipped with his word.
  • You could flip out your Bible just so you can follow when your pastor’s giving the Bible reading on Sunday, and then keep it stacked in its usual place till next Sunday, OR…You could as well read it on a consistent basis so as to have your mind renewed, to understand God, to know truth, to have God speak to you, and to grow in your faith.

Your choice.

But this is what I know, in this world that is filled with temptations, sufferings and false teachers/teachings, you have been provided with a book that has the answers to your situations/questions, and a church that is there to build you in every way. And if these two aren’t a major part of your life in your walk as a Christian, you’ll believe everyone who claims to be a prophet, you won’t see certain practices/temptations as sin and you’ll soon start compromising on the standard and life you were meant to follow…it’ll be difficult for you to ascertain what is right and wrong since everyone does these things (and you do what everyone thinks is cool) and you have no idea what God has to say about them (and subconsciously, you may even stop caring).

As a Christian…as a Jesus follower, your Christianity won’t be defined by what you did on Sunday, but by how you lived from Monday to Sunday.

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