To love genuinely

Genuine love

This is what basically happens in a relationship:
A guy tells this girl that he loves her…
She then accepts him because she likewise also loves him…
Years down the road, the couple is having a great relationship, as it should be ofcourse, why…
The guy who told the girl that he loves her, genuinely loves her just as he claimed…
He buys her treats once in a while…he remembers their anniversaries always…he takes her to nice places for special dinners…he’s great with her parents and close friends…he tells her sweet things every now and then…he treats her special and with attention.


***Something that’s amazing in relationships***
That in the beginning of a relationship, a girl never has to pull out/dictate a list instructing the guy on how he should treat her. She never has to say, “make sure you remember our anniversary every year, make sure you take me on special dinners every now and then, make sure you buy me some chocolates once in a while just to show that you appreciate me, make you tell me sweet things every time…”
SOMEHOW, the guy intuitively already knows how to do all that.


Such a wondrous and lasting relationship can be experienced if the guy genuinely loves the girl. I mean, to surely and genuinely love the girl. Though, because we as people aren’t perfect, the guy may probably slip up at some point in the relationship. But because the girl loves him as well, and understands that his slip up isn’t his true nature as one who genuinely loves her, she’ll forgive him if he’s deeply remorseful and apologetic about it, and the relationship will carry on.


So the same goes in Christianity;

  • the love for the Lord our God, and our neighbour (Matthew 22:36-40)
  • and the kind of love that God gives (Hebrews 10:1-22).

Once one surely understands what it means to GENUINELY LOVE someone…to enter into a relationship because they really love the person, the laws (instructions) of that person will be in their hearts, they’ll understand who they are in the relationship, how to love the person, and they will progressively bond and grow in love much more.

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