What makes Jesus the Christ special

Son of God

If you’re familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, I believe you’d also know that it’s because of their disobedience that sin entered the world. As a result of this, we are all born in sin. We fall short of God’s glory. There is the option of good, and bad. And yet many a time, we opt for what’s bad. We choose what’s wrong. We lie instead of tell the truth, we have people raping and taking advantage of young girls because of their sexual greed and selfishness. Sin lingers on with every generation. From parent to child and so on.

However! This was not so in the case of Jesus. Unlike us who were born in sin carried forward, Jesus was born of the Spirit. (Read Luke 1:26-38) His conception wasn’t of the usual nature as it was with the rest of us. He is the very first of us; a true child of God born of Spirit, living by the Spirit, in fellowship with God the Father, doing the will of God. Living a holy and pure life as God had intended for us (right from Adam and Eve) right from the beginning. And hence the term for him, ‘the second Adam’. He was a new beginning. Man as God intended. And this is why he is central to every believer. He is the one who’s example we are to follow. We read the Bible to learn how he did things, how he went about the challenges/tests/trials he faced, to know what is the right way, to know what is the truth, and to know what is life. (Surely, who wouldn’t want to follow a man who knew the way, who knew what was true, who knew what was right, and who was doing good and amazing things for the benefit of everyone around him?!)

And because his birth didn’t come through any corruption (bearing sin), he was the perfect sacrifice without any blemish. The only one able to pay the penalty for our sin and put us right before God’s eyes. And this is why we are to be Born Again. To have a new beginning…to be a new beginning of ourselves as God had divinely designed and purposed us to be by his will. To accept and acknowledge Christ, to be as he was. Because, it is only through him that we will be able to see and enter God’s kingdom. (Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-19)

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