What makes the God of Christianity the right God…5 Reasons!


God of the Bible

  1. He created the heavens, the earth, and all that is in them. Other gods may claim the titles; ‘the sun god’, ‘the moon god’, ‘god of thunder’, ‘god of rain’, ‘god of the ocean’, and so forth, but the creator God created all of these elements and much more. This is enough to make him greater and more powerful amongst all the others. And this brings out three things;
    • First is that he is the one God we point to regarding all the created elements of the world as he is the one who authored each of them. And as the supreme creator, he knows everything about everything, and how everything works. To pose it in a question: If you were the creator of a certain invention, wouldn’t you automatically and obviously be the first and foremost person to approach if someone wanted to inquire about the invention…know how it’s supposed to work…know the right way to use it?
    • Secondly, this makes him the ONLY ONE TRUE God. Take this illustration: Two women can’t claim to have given birth to the same child. One has to be the true mother, and the other the liar. Therefore there can’t be two true Gods giving contradicting accounts of how they created this one world we know. And the Bible (God’s word) gives a very detailed account of the creation story. In addition to that, it documents how man/society/life was, what it has become, what it was meant to be, and how to achieve it.
    • And thirdly, the apparent existence of different gods holding the same title and role. Visit five local tribes in five different continents in the world, and I’m sure you’ll get five different names of gods that claim to be the god of the sun…each with their own unique backstory. How can this be?! How can all these supposed gods claim the one only sun?
  2. He is God over everything. Not just reproduction/fertility, not just love, not just the harvest, not just protection, not just wisdom, not just the rain, not just in victory over war, not just in healing over sickness, not just in providing peace. He is God over every single aspect of our lives, life, and the world. Throughout the Bible, we see God intervene countless times in the challenges of man to supply food, give protection, give women children, manipulate the forces of nature, deliver from weakness, sickness, and evil. All the more reason for one to turn to him regarding ALL matters and aspects of one’s life.
  3. He is a good and loving God. The words ‘good’ and ‘loving’ speak for themselves. We frequently use them to approve of the things we desire. Everyone desires to be loved, and everyone demands good service. One doesn’t hear many gods being identified and characterised with these traits. Good and loving are the characters that God is towards all that he created. Moreover in their true and pure form.
  4. He hates sin and all that is wrong. Just like how we hate crime and how we hate it when someone does wrong against us. And so from the very beginning, God has been trying to purge the world of sin, and all that is wrong. And that is why he has had the law, the prophets, the teachers, Jesus come to show us the way, the truth, and the life we must be living. God doesn’t just present himself to give mystical ancient knowledge and inner peace (period). Yes, he does give knowledge. He does give peace. But he does not only stop there. He tasks us to live holy and exemplary lives (for the sake of our children, our peers, our followers, and ourselves)…to show the world the true, good, and beautiful way of living as a society, and to help the ones in need. It is because of God that the Christian following Christ is motivated and prompted to live such a life that glorifies God and touches the community around them. There are not many gods you’d hear about with the agenda of resolving the issues of evil, sin, corruption, and lack in the world. And usually, the people seeking after these gods, only desire from them how they can benefit themselves. And that’s how we have people going into witchcraft so they can gain at the expense of someone else and their life.
  5. The God of Christianity desires a relationship with each one of us. That is to say; he’s desire is NOT that one ought to pray to him the same prayer for a certain number of times in a certain period as a culture and a daily routine, but that one relates with him as a Father for that is who he is. And this makes his presence and influence even more real. No wonder you’ll hear a great deal of testimonies from not just Christians but converts from other religions and people once possessed with demonic spirits about Jesus’s intervention, revelation, and deliverance in their lives (Don’t take my word for it? Watch the YouTube video testimonies).

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