God’s desire for good.

As shared previously on what makes the God of Christianity the right God; for him to have created us, the world, and the virtues that we know and value, surely makes him supreme, sovereign, and the one to go to concerning all things us and the world. In his holiness, perfection and absolution is where we find all that is good, loving, just and righteous.

[Enter the beginning of all that is good]

We’re introduced to Genesis with God creating the world, its elements, and all things in them with each milestone observed by God to be good. An ideal kingdom where everything is in order and in harmony. And the story goes that God decides to create mankind. And he does so in his image so he may have fellowship with him, and so he may have a creation that relates with him. However…

[Enter corruption]

Because of the corruption of the serpent, man is deceived and led to disobey God. He is led to disregard God’s word and acts selfishly against the will and the good of his creator and companion. And thus…

[The exit from a good fellowship]

God sends man away from his presence. For God cannot dwell with a rebellious heart. A heart that isn’t of one accord with him. A heart that isn’t seeking his good and perfect will. And it’s no wonder that Satan was cast out of God’s presence. So now…

[Enter the choices of life]

From eating of the tree that gives knowledge of good and evil, man is (we are) now able to identify what is right and wrong. What is good and bad. What benefits and what corrupts. However, we can note that often times we choose what is wrong and evil. Rather than what adds to our lives, we indulge in what destroys or stagnates our lives….we choose the path that in the end brings us and others hurt and yet it is God’s fond desire that we choose good…that we choose his good and perfect will for us. And so…

[Enter the Bible]

As we read and learn through the stories of the different Bible characters, God steps into the lives of those who are compelled to do right, those who choose what is good, and those who seek him. It is his desire that our hearts are inclined towards him and his will. Abel, Noah, Joseph, Moses, and others alike didn’t need laws or ritualistic practices to draw close to God or to follow him. Rather, because of their desire for good and God’s will, they were in obedience to him. What God delighted in was their heart’s inclination. And the other revelation that also becomes clear is that the law is not perfect enough to transform the heart of an individual towards good, and towards God. Observe the Israelites and their idolatry, observe the Pharisees and their self-righteousness. And now…

[Enters Jesus, the good teacher and redeemer]

The way, the truth, and the life comes and makes his dwelling with man. He preaches  and demonstrates all that is good, true, and beautiful as was God’s intention. And he comes with the message of grace; a message that declares that even if we are not perfect and righteous enough, God our father will call into his kingdom, his presence, and his fellowship those who believed in the salvation he gave through the cross, those whose desire is for good, those whose desire is for his will, and those whose desire is to follow and abide in him. For he will not force anyone into his presence who does not believe in him and all he stands for. So…

[Enter you, the good and faithful servant]

For it is the good Lord’s desire that we be with him in his kingdom. As it was meant to be from the beginning.

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