Desire for Good is a blog dedicated to providing information and guidance with a Christian perspective on all things concerning society; our lives, religion, and God.

This blog is for the Christian, atheist, or simple reader interested in learning the good, the truth, and the beauty we should be striving for as individuals, and as a society.

Hi, I’m Daniel Jiga Buyinza. And I’ve been a born-again Christian for well over 15 years. For me, it has been a journey that has taken me through questions and revelations concerning our lives; the wrong we involve ourselves in, the lifestyles and vain pursuits that we have…and yet I know that things can be better for us. And so I thought I should what I’ve learnt so you could have some understanding (a new perspective if you will), and possibly have you live for something better.

So if you’d like to know more about the life of a Jesus follower, the challenges we face as individuals or as a society, what the God of the Bible is about, then I think you’ll find a great deal of insight here.