Choose a good reputation over great riches

We start businesses and projects to satisfy needs in our communities, and in turn, earn a living and build a name for ourselves. Sadly, some of us get so greedy and caught up with earning money faster through quick and shoddy schemes that we choose to compromise on the quality of our product or service. This compromise may seem minute in the eyes of the beholder at that time, however, it reaps damaging results down the road to the image of both the person and the community at large.  These seemingly small acts of one individual alone always reflect greatly … Continue reading Choose a good reputation over great riches

The majesty of creation

The beauty of nature and all that is in it… The captivation of the high mountains, the horizons, and the atmosphere… The detail in the anatomy of all that lives and breathes… The grace of the ocean waters, and harmony of the fishes and butterflies… The inventions of man and the beauty of woman… The abstracts and power of music, love, and thought… The strength of the ant, and supernatural powers of the oceanic life… The morality of mankind; it’s greed, hatred, and perverted ways… The glory of space, the planets, the galaxies and stars… The complexity of life and … Continue reading The majesty of creation