To love genuinely

This is what basically happens in a relationship: A guy tells this girl that he loves her… She then accepts him because she likewise also loves him… Years down the road, the couple is having a great relationship, as it should be ofcourse, why… The guy who told the girl that he loves her, genuinely loves her just as he claimed… He buys her treats once in a while…he remembers their anniversaries always…he takes her to nice places for special dinners…he’s great with her parents and close friends…he tells her sweet things every now and then…he treats her special and … Continue reading To love genuinely

An ideal and intriguing relationship

It can be an exhilarating experience when you find that amazing someone you could share your life with. To have fun and awesome times filled with laughter, and long and quiet intimate moments filled with goosebumps. This can all happen for all of us, and, it can happen in that entire journey of intimacy. But only if we don’t take the intrigue out of the relationship. As the times go by, it’s becoming more apparent that we are getting into relationships all too quickly. And more than that, it seems that we are getting into sex prematurely. We’re having cases … Continue reading An ideal and intriguing relationship