Choose a good reputation over great riches

We start businesses and projects to satisfy needs in our communities, and in turn, earn a living and build a name for ourselves. Sadly, some of us get so greedy and caught up with earning money faster through quick and shoddy schemes that we choose to compromise on the quality of our product or service. This compromise may seem minute in the eyes of the beholder at that time, however, it reaps damaging results down the road to the image of both the person and the community at large.  These seemingly small acts of one individual alone always reflect greatly … Continue reading Choose a good reputation over great riches

Be pure

We really ought to put a great deal of value in ourselves and the people around us. I’m referring to our sexuality…our purity…our virginity…our innocence, because the decisions that we make concerning our bodies and our lifestyles, will eventually if not there and then, affect us, the people dear to us, and our relationships with them. Talk about our image, the honour of our family, and so on. We may be all caught up with sleeping around because we are seeing it as something casual, just a way of having fun, or probably a one-time thing. But weirdly enough, we … Continue reading Be pure

You can’t believe everything you read on social media

Social networks have really made life easier and enabled us to connect with celebrities, friends, and family across the world. However, one disturbing thing is that it has also made it possible for some to easily share destructive, unproductive and untrue content that many easily believe.   Images of a rare bug that apparently causes a severe disease or instant death. A product on the market that causes terminal cancer. A controversial speech made by a politician/president. The deactivation of idle social media accounts. Scandalous (misinterpreted) images of a celebrity/socialite. Promotional offers of free internet data or exclusive app upgrades … Continue reading You can’t believe everything you read on social media