You can’t believe everything you read on social media

Social networks have really made life easier and enabled us to connect with celebrities, friends, and family across the world. However, one disturbing thing is that it has also made it possible for some to easily share destructive, unproductive and untrue content that many easily believe.   Images of a rare bug that apparently causes a severe disease or instant death. A product on the market that causes terminal cancer. A controversial speech made by a politician/president. The deactivation of idle social media accounts. Scandalous (misinterpreted) images of a celebrity/socialite. Promotional offers of free internet data or exclusive app upgrades … Continue reading You can’t believe everything you read on social media

Easily the SIMPLEST explanation of what the grace of God is

I think it would be really unfortunate for any Christian to live their life in vain simply because they didn’t get what the true grace of God is. So, this is a summed up version of a sermon by a pastor known as John Bevere which I believe captures with simplicity and ABSOLUTE CLARITY what the grace of God is. For the person who is a non-believer / believer in another faith / young in the faith / an eager Christian, this can be great insight on how the Christian walk is like…in only 10 minutes.   For the video version, … Continue reading Easily the SIMPLEST explanation of what the grace of God is

An ideal and intriguing relationship

It can be an exhilarating experience when you find that amazing someone you could share your life with. To have fun and awesome times filled with laughter, and long and quiet intimate moments filled with goosebumps. This can all happen for all of us, and, it can happen in that entire journey of intimacy. But only if we don’t take the intrigue out of the relationship. As the times go by, it’s becoming more apparent that we are getting into relationships all too quickly. And more than that, it seems that we are getting into sex prematurely. We’re having cases … Continue reading An ideal and intriguing relationship

When it comes down to defending your faith

A Christian will have to explain their faith in God to a non-believer at some point in their life. I know that there may be some whom if asked why they are Christian, would reply that that is how they have always been in their family. And I just find that really pitiful and sad – to not have a personal reason for your faith. Belief in God is personal and is much more than just going to church every Sunday and saying that you’re a Christian. One should always be prepared to give a reason for their faith. (1 … Continue reading When it comes down to defending your faith

The subtle growth of corruption in society

Corruption prevails because it is ignored in its early phases in life (tolerance). Let me give an example; In an exam, a student knows that they have to pass if they ever want to progress on to the next level. So obviously, they are expected to have been reading/studying/practicing, but they don’t do so adequately enough (slothfulness). And so why wouldn’t they cheat when they happen to find themselves in a convenient situation (loopholes in the system), and their overseer isn’t that vigilant about their role (reluctance)? Little do we realise, that this practice gradually grows on the individual and … Continue reading The subtle growth of corruption in society

Three things I love

I love;   all that is good all that is true and all that is beautiful I believe all these come from God, it is who he is, and it is what he had in mind for us when he made us. They are what keep us in harmony amongst ourselves, and in fellowship with him. Sadly, wrong, destructive practices and values have crept up in society. Practices that have fostered corruption, unfaithfulness, brokenness, distortion, and hate in our lives and minds. Over the centuries and decades, this has led to misconceptions about who/what God is, what life is about, … Continue reading Three things I love